As a Robotics Software Engineer, you will take charge of the necessary software engineering work to deploy our Eureka Controller to address specific industrial applications, as well as to improve Eureka’s in-house technologies. In particular, you will be expected to:

  • Develop full-fledged robotics system using the Eureka Controller in close collaboration with Eureka’s Product Team
  • Participate in the development of Eureka’s core technologies (calibration, computer vision, robot motion planning, robot control,...)
  • Improve Eureka’s computing infrastructure to develop, deploy, and maintain high-quality cloud-based and edge industrial robotics systems
  • Deliver advanced computer vision systems based on Eureka’s technologies
  • Communicate with end-customers at every step to ensure that the system meet customers’ expectations while keeping any additional work to a minimum
  • Create system documentation, deliver training to integrators and end-users
  • Install the system on site, including: delivery, calibration, performing User Acceptance Tests, etc.
  • Perform maintenance on the installed system



  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or related fields (e.g. Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,... with significant exposure to Computer Science)
  • Experience programming in C/C++/Python in Linux environments


  • Experience designing and implementing UI/UX
  • Experience with system programming
  • Experience creating and/or managing mid-size computing infrastructure
  • Knowledge of ROS or other middleware frameworks
  • Prior experience in robotics or robotics-related technologies, such as motion planning, control, computer vision and AI


  • Remuneration: competitive package comprising salary and stock options
  • Health coverage

Work location

Launchpad @ one-north, Singapore